Picture Day

Important Info for Picture Day – Read 1st!

All students (both Fremont & Dublin students) will be professionally photographed in their Annual Showcase costumes, individually and in a class group photo on this day. Photos will also be taken of Summer Dances, PPDC Ensembles and Soloists.

  • Teachers will be distributing picture order forms to students one to two weeks prior to the date for parents to complete. One form for each dance.  Please bring the forms with you on Picture Day. Checks and credit cards are accepted by the photographer.
  • Students should come at the listed ARRIVAL TIME with hair (in a neat bun for females students), make-up (light blush & lipstick recommended), and picture order forms ready.
  • Please bring all dancewear (NUDE leotard, tights, etc.) and shoes (ballet slippers, pointe shoes, character shoes if needed, etc.).  All female students are required to wear a nude leotard with clear straps for hygiene (costumes are rentals) and modesty (costume changes are done in rooms with other students) reasons.
  • Please bring any costumes that you purchased for solos, Summer Dances, PPDC-Pre-Professional Dance Company Ensembles, or Contemporary & Lyrical classes.
  • Please be prompt to avoid delays and disrupting the schedule.  If you miss your scheduled time, you will not be in your class group picture.  Everyone should be in their CLASS GROUP dance picture.  You DO NOT have to purchase the GROUP picture to be in the photo.
  • The ballet class costumes are rented.  Your rental costume for the class group dance will be at the studio.  Students will wear rental costumes for the pictures and return them immediately after the pictures are taken.  All female students are required to wear a nude leotard with clear straps. These costumes will be used at the Annual Showcase.  Please DO NOT take any rental costumes with you.
  • There are NO CLASSES on PICTURE DAY at any of our studios.
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