Royal Academy of Dance


Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance is an international organization based in London, England. It is the largest, most influential dance teacher training and examining body for classical ballet in the world. The RAD syllabus-based program is divided into grades.  It is advisable for students to pass an examination in one grade before progressing on to the next.

The RAD syllabus is designed with today’s child in mind. It combines age appropriate technique and fitness with musical and creative inspiration, to encourage the students’ own expression and love for dance. This developmental program begins with Pre-School levels, continues to Lower Grades, and progresses on to Vocational levels up to the Solo Seal Award.  The vocational program, also syllabus-based, is for students who want to train at a pre-professional level.

Yearly examinations offer children an annual goal to acheive their own personal best. They also provides a yardstick by which progress can be measured with a worldwide standard. Only teachers who have been through Royal Academy training are certified and may enter students for RAD examinations. RAD qualified instructors are required to annually attend workshops to constantly inspire and inform their teaching.

The RAD program provides a standard of learning regardless of where instruction occurs; students who move from one country (or state) to another can enroll in a new RAD school and continue with the same syllabus.

To learn more about the Royal Academy of Dance (U.K.), London, England, please visit their web site.