Intermediate &
Advanced Ballet

Intermediate &
Advanced Ballet


Intermediate & Advanced Ballet

We offer intermediate, advanced, and pre-professional level training for dancers who are serious about learning ballet technique.  Students continue their RAD examinations in the Vocational (Pre-professional) Syllabus, which includes pointe work for female students. They also take classes with former professional dancers and teachers with varied backgrounds such as Vaganova technique to broaden their range of vocabulary, approach and style.

Students studying at the highest level can work towards college dance programs and careers in professional dance or teaching. Students who don’t plan to pursue dance beyond high school still gain a tremendous amount of benefit from studying dance at this level. The focus and discipline of dance, as well as the camaraderie and teamwork of performing carries into all aspects of their future lives.

Qualified and dedicated students at the intermediate and advanced levels have opportunities to perform in solos and small ensembles in our annual Nutcracker Ballet and Spring Showcase, as well as compete locally and nationally as part of our invited Pre-Professional Dance Company (PPDC).

RAD Levels

  • Recreational/Discovering Repertoire Syllabus
    • 3 technique classes/week
  • Vocational Track
    • 4 technique classes/week including pointe
  • Private/semi-private lessons as needed by invitation/arrangement

* Placement in levels, and placement en pointe is at the discretion of faculty, as is entry for RAD examinations.

Class Descriptions

Upper Levels

Discovering Repertoire Syllabus 
The Discovering Repertoire Syllabus is an exploration of solo work from the great ballets, and can be studied by Vocational and Recreational dancers alike. Pointe work In the examination is optional. This must be left to the teacher’s discretion.

Master Class
The Saturday Master class is essential for Vocational level students. They will be given work in contrasting ballet styles to their RAD exam work, such as Vaganova and American. Master class broadens the students’ exposure to ballet vocabulary outside their core RAD training and helps prepare them for master classes and auditions in the larger dance world. It also brings students from both Rachel’s Ballet locations together to dance as a company and work on performance choreography (Repertoire class) While there is one primary teacher for the master classes, guest instructors are occasionally invited to teach.

Pointe Class
Time for pointe work is embedded in all Vocational classes during the week. There is a dedicated pointe class on Saturdays. Students must be attending technique class four times per week to safely dance en pointe.

Vocational Grades

Vocational Grades [IF/ INT/ AF/ A1/ A2] Emphasis is on strengthening technique in classical ballet.  Pointe work is included for girls. Technique at this level becomes much more demanding and requires a greater amount of strength. A more mature artistry is also needed to dance and perform at this level. RAD examinations at the Vocational level are marked at a higher level than the Grades. To progress into these examination levels, students must have a solid technical foundation, be ready for pointe work and have the maturity and dedication to put in the effort they require.

Intermediate Foundation (IF)

Intermediate (INT)

Advanced Foundation (AF)

Advanced One (A1)

Advanced Two (A2)

Solo Seal [SS] The highest examination level of the RAD is the Solo Seal Award.  Dancers must receive a “Distinction” result from their Advanced Two examination in order to enter this level.  The examination takes place on stage in front of an audience and two examiners. The Award is only given to students who have the technique and artistry considered to be of a level of a member of a professional company.