PPDC Info for Current Dancers

View JCT/PPDC Dates and holidays below.

  • PPDC (Pre-Professional Dance Company) AF/A1/A2/SS
  • JCT (Junior Competition Team A) Upper Grades/IF/INT
  • JCT (Junior Competition Team B) G1-G5
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2023-24 Season info:

Attendance at all regularly scheduled technique classes is required for participation in PPDC/JCT

Dancers are billed for number of rehearsal days available for the season. The number for each day of the week differs due to days off (e.g. Nutcracker/Showcase conflicts*). Below is the estimated number of rehearsals for the season (Sept. 5 2023-May 25 2024). An August start will add 3-4 extra rehearsals.

  • Tuesdays –  33 rehearsals
  • Wednesdays –  31 rehearsals
  • Thursdays –  31 rehearsals
  • Saturdays –  29 rehearsals

Known holidays/days off from PPDC:

  • Nov. 20-25 (Thanksgiving)
  • Nov. 18th & Dec. 9th (Nutcracker Sat. Rehearsals)
  • Dec. 13-16 (Nutcracker Dress & Show)
  • Dec. 25-Jan 6 (Winter Break)
  • RAD week (TBA)
  • April 1-6 (Spring Break)
  • May 22-25 (Showcase)
  1. 2023-24 Schedule & Comp. Dates (Tentative)
  2. 2023-24 PPDC Contract

*If a scheduled rehearsal falls on a competition day, it is not a day off; the competition time is considered to fulfill the usual PPDC rehearsal.

Rehearsals / Competitions - the fine print...
  • All students must pay requested competition fees to our PPDC coordinator prior to being registered for a specific competition. We are not able to hold the spot. 
  • Each competition has their own fees and waivers. Especially for students in ensembles, a quick completion of the form is necessary and appreciated for the team. 
  • Any privates or ensembles cancelled by the coach will be scheduled for a make up, either on an alternate day or by adding time to another rehearsal. 
  • Any missed privates by the student need at least 24 hours notice in advance, and the make-up must be approved by the coach and scheduled within the 2022-23 school year. Due to coach’s limited time, multiple private make ups are not available. 
  • Students will be charged as usual for any privates cancelled or missed by student with less than 24 hours advance notice.
  • Students must have excellent attendance to all rehearsals. If a student misses an ensemble rehearsal, there is no ensemble make up, however the time may be made up in a lower ballet level or auxiliary class, as approved. 
  • All PPDC students must also maintain regular attendance to their weekly technique classes. Missing many classes may result in losing a role, dismissal from PPDC or not being allowed to attend a competition.
  • If a competition falls on a scheduled private/ensemble day (for example, Friday or Saturday), and coaches attend the competition for warm up and run through, this is charged as a regular rehearsal and no make up is offered. 
  • Additional competition or rehearsal fees may accrue due to invitation/qualification to participate in any FINALS competitions, or additional competitions not currently listed. Please see your contract for information.