Terms and Conditions

Rachel’s Ballet reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


a) Rachel’s Ballet is not responsible for any physical injuries or sickness incurred by any student before, during or after classes. The Studio and instructor/s shall not be liable for any claims, demands, injuries, or causes of action whatsoever to person or property connected with the use of any of the services or facilities of the Studio.

b) Any and all risks assumed by the student while at the Studio or under the care of the instructor/s are hereby assumed and undertaken by the undersigned and the student.

c) In the event of medical emergency, the Studio will attempt to contact the undersigned or the emergency contacts on record, but emergency medical care will not be withheld if the contacts cannot be reached. I hereby authorize the Studio to authorize and consent to the administration of any emergency medical treatment on behalf of the minor student.

d) I acknowledge and understand that, by this agreement, I agree to assume all risks of participating in the Studio’s programs and in the event of any illness or injury to the student, I will have no recourse against the Studio or its instructors.

e) Rachel’s Ballet is not responsible for dancers who leave the premises and should always be supervised when entering or exiting the building.


a) I consent to the use of photographs, video or audio recordings of myself or my child taken in class, dance performances or events for advertising, promotional purposes and website content by Rachel’s Ballet.

b) All photographs (print or electronic), video recordings, and audio recordings of Rachel’s Ballet productions and students are the artistic property of Rachel’s Ballet. All photos and video/audio recordings of Rachel’s Ballet performances and students, including DVD’s and CD’s, are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form.

c) The usage of cameras, phones, video or audio recording devices, or any other electronic devices during dress rehearsals or performances are not permitted.

d) Photography and video/audio recording of our classes is not allowed without special permission from Rachel’s Ballet.


There are three (3) payment options:

  • (A) Annual tuition paid in full 100%
  • (B) Half tuition in two payments 50%
  • (C) Four payments 25%

DTL1 – G2: Option A or B – one at the time of registration (prorated if late enrollment) and January 1st. Enrollments after January 1st will be required to pay the remaining annual tuition in full. No option C.

G3 – SS as mentioned above option A, B or C. The annual tuition for Grade 5 is $5263. If you cannot pay this in full, we have a payment plan that helps. With this installment plan, 100% or 50% or 25% is due today for enrollment, and the remainder is split due on the 1st of each month from October to May. Each installment payment contributes to pay off the debt to fulfill the annual tuition in full. If you choose to withdraw from our school, we require 30 days notice so the teachers can take the appropriate measure for their classes, dances and choreography. Installment payments are due up until the last day of class for your dancer.

a) Continuing dancers qualify to waive the registration fee if done before May 24, 2024, with no exceptions.

b) Each installment does not pay for any particular month, but rather contributes to the annual tuition. Therefore, holidays/ shutdowns, exams/mock exams, picture day, rehearsals, etc., do not affect the installment amount.

c) Rachel’s Ballet will not mail or issue monthly billing statements or reminders. Please mark your calendars to avoid late fees and missing payments.

d) Late Enrollment – Tuition can be prorated for late enrollment and/or dancers can attend make-up classes.

e) A 30-day written notice (email) is required for withdrawal from the Fall-Spring school year, and the remaining balance for tuition will be refunded excluding the 30-day notice period where the dancer may still attend classes. The Nutcracker fee, and Flat fee are non-refundable, and a $175 withdrawal fee will be incurred.

f) Students who withdraw at least 1 month before the Fall-Spring school year will receive a refund and be charged a $300 withdrawal fee.

g) Due to examinations and showcase preparations we are unable to offer refunds after March 1st.

h) We are unable to offer refunds for Summer programs, including the Summer camp and Summer session.


a) All additional fees such as flat fee, registration (if applicable), and Nutcracker (if applicable) are due at the time of enrollment.

b) Flat fee includes RAD exams, showcase tickets, costume fee, and Showcase DVD. There is no flat fee for conditioning classes. Additional dance forms is $85 for costume only.

c) Registration fee is annual $175 with continuing dancers qualifying to waive the registration fee if done so before May 24th, 2024, no exceptions.

d) Metal Drop Boxes are available outside and inside both locations for your convenience to deposit payments and registration forms.

e) Payment methods: Checks made payable to “Rachel’s Ballet”, cash, auto-pay or credit card. Please include your dancer’s name in the memo.

f) All payments including those for fees and costumes, are not refundable.

g) A $45 fee will be assessed to the student’s account for each returned check.

h) A $35 late fee per month will be charged if a tuition installment is not received by the due dates.

i) Students must be current in payments of all tuition and fees to participate in our school.

3. CLASSES (Note: Classes are subject to change based on enrollment and the director’s discretion)

a) Class placement and advancement to the next level are at the discretion of the Director and the instructors.

b) Rachel’s Ballet reserves the right to alter the classes and/or faculty without prior notice.

c) If a class is cancelled, arrangements will be made for either a replacement class or students may attend another class in its place.

d) Pre-Professional Dance Company (PPDC) admittance is by invitation only by the Director and instructor/s.


a) Dancers are required to adhere to the strict dress code which can be found on the website. Failure to observe may result in the dancer not being permitted to participate in classes, exams and performances. Please, no jewelry other than stud earrings.

b) Do not bring valuables to the premises as Rachel’s Ballet is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. Lost and found items are donated monthly.

c) Food should be consumed in the lobby areas only and kindly keep this area neat and clean. Please do not bring gum, nuts or popcorn. Water and sports drinks are the only consumable items permitted in the studios.

Rachel’s Ballet Policies

In addition to the Terms & Conditions from registration. The safety and health of all of our dancers, teachers and community is first and foremost the top priority for our school.


a) No credit or refund is given for illness, vacations, or other absences. Please see the “Make-Up Classes” section below for more details.

b) Students who are absent due to emergency, illness, family trip, etc. are still charged the same tuition installments. Students who are or will be absent for one month or more have the option to withdraw from the school and pay the $100.00 Registration Fee when they return.

c) If the instructor determines that a student requires additional tutoring for work missed to keep up with the class, the student may be required to take private lessons at an additional cost.


a) Students should email rachel@rachelsballet.com ideally two days in advance before attending a make-up class.

b) Students may make-up missed classes as available at both locations, but only for the same grade level or below. Students who are nine years and older may attend a Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern or Tap class as a make-up class.

c) Make-up classes may be taken before or after an absence, but should be within the same school term as the absence. For example, you cannot make-up a Fall-Spring School Year absence during a Summer Session; you cannot make-up a Summer Session absence during the Fall-Spring School Year.

d) It is the student/parent’s responsibility to schedule make-up classes for absences.


a) Correspondence is available via email rachel@rachelsballet.com. For urgent matters, please call 510-656-0920.

b) Communication at our school is done primarily by email and our website. Please check your e-mail regularly for updated information such as schedule changes, rehearsals, performances, exams and other announcements that may affect you/your dancer.

The Rachel’s Ballet website contains all resources and can provide information such as important dates, fees, policies etc. to answer immediate questions.

c) Teachers are not available during class time for parent/teacher discussions. If you would like to talk with a teacher about your child’s progress, please leave your name and contact information with the teacher, or email rachel@rachelsballet.com to request the teacher to contact you.

4. RAD EXAMINATIONS (as applicable)

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations may occur on school days and could require your dancer missing school for a partial day or full day. All exam scheduling is done by RAD (not Rachel’s Ballet) and there are unfortunately no changes after RAD assigns the schedule of individual dates and times.