College Bound Dancer

2015 | Ruth |


Kathy applied to colleges that all had a strong dance program, so clearly the dance training she has had at Rachel’s Ballet for close to 15 years was an essential element. The instruction, words of encouragement and clear belief in Kathy from her teachers has been invaluable in helping Kathy achieve her dream of continuing her dance training in the heart of NYC.

Kathy’s personal essay for her common application focused on her Genee experience, the culmination of her RAD training, competing with dancers from across the world and her determined path to reach that goal. And it is my strong belief that the combined beauty and discipline of ballet instills a lifelong appreciation of culture and a work ethic like no other. But most important, it is Kathy’s supportive and caring “dance family” that has helped shape her into the strong, artistic and confident young woman she is today. Many, many thanks to Rachel and all the wonderful teachers at Rachel’s Ballet, Kathy will miss you.