NEW Uniform:

*CLICK HERE to purchase Rachel’s Ballet uniform online at Dance Supplies.

Rachel’s Ballet has NEW UNIFORM styles and colors starting in 2018.

Please verify with Ms. Rachel before purchasing ballet items from any source other than the vendors listed here.

All Levels 

New Uniform
Uniform items may be purchased online at Dance Supplies (click link for store).

Click to Print PDF: Rachels Ballet Uniform 2020

  • Character skirts, character shoes, and demi pointe shoes may be purchased with the guidance of your Rachel’s Ballet teacher.
  • Select items may be purchased from Encore Theatrical Supply Company Inc., in Dublin, CA.

Please inform the Encore salesperson that your student attends Rachel’s Ballet. Encore Student Discount Cards (10% discount on shoes and dance attire only) are available at the studio.

Encore Theatrical Supply Company, Inc.
7182 Regional St. Dublin, CA 94568
(Across the street from Rachel’s Dublin Studio)
Phone: 925-463-2140

Contact the General Manager if you have any questions

Costume Sizing Chart

We order costumes for all students for our Annual Showcase. The following chart will help determine the correct size. Please remember to allow room to grow as the Showcase is in May.

See Costume Sizing Chart

Grades 1-8

Character Skirts and Shoes

Character Skirts

Character skirts are made of black fabric with multiple ribbon strands sewn parallel to the hem. Grade 1 students onward will require a character skirt.

  • Skirt orders may now be placed directly through Brenda using the Rachel’s Ballet Character Skirt order form. Pricing and all information provided on the form.

  • All measurements should be done by Ms. Melissa for Grade 1-3 and Ms. Leigh Ann for Grade 4 and above for consistency.

Order Form HERE: Rachel’s Ballet Character Skirt

Character Shoes

  • Girls & Women: All shoes are Black Canvas with Pink Elastics. Heel size is either LOW or CUBAN.
    • Grade 1 and Grade 2: LOW HEEL
    • Grade 3 and Above: CUBAN HEEL
    • Order character shoes from the online store linked at the top of this page.
  • Boys & Men: Black Jazz Shoes

Vocational Levels

Demi-Pointe / Pointe Shoes

Demi-Pointe Shoes and Pointe Shoes

Vocational students intermediate and up will use demi-pointe shoes. Instructors will provide information about purchasing demi pointe shoes when necessary.

Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes are for students deemed ready to go on pointe. Do not buy pointe shoes without the recommendation of the teacher.

Teachers will assist in the first fitting of pointe shoes.

Student Handbook

All Levels

Rules of Conduct


It is our goal that ballet be a wonderful experience and hope that by reviewing this information with you beforehand, the school year will be enjoyable and provide a positive experience for both you and your child. We ask that you discuss this as a family so that students are aware of expectations. This is done to make the learning environment one that will help your child learn most effectively. Thank you for your support and cooperation.


“Attitude determines altitude” – To best benefit from the class, students should come with a positive attitude, ready to learn and willing to actively participate in class.

In order to create a conducive fun learning environment, students should be respectful and not be distracting the class while the teacher is instructing. If anyone is interfering with the progress of the class repeatedly, the child will be asked to sit and watch the remainder of the class time. Any behavior that seems disruptive on a regular basis will result in a parent-teacher conference to correct the situation.

While waiting outside before or after their classes, noises should be kept low to avoid disturbing the ongoing class. Students are encouraged to bring their water bottles, but food or gum are to be avoided.

Classroom Observation

Our studio window to the classroom is open the last week of each month so that parents and friends may observe. Please do not cause any distraction so students can remain focused on the lesson being taught.

Photography and Video/Audio Recording of Classes

Photography and video/audio recording of our classes is not allowed without special permission from Rachel’s Ballet.


Communication at our school is done primarily by email and our website. Please check your e-mail regularly for updated information such as schedule changes, rehearsals, performances, exams and other announcements that may affect you/your child. Our website will have the latest general updates, but e-mail information for specific classes or groups will not necessarily be posted.

Suggestions for Younger Children

Please accompany your student into the lobby 5-10 minutes before the start of class time. Make sure any bathroom needs are taken care of, and check that your student is properly groomed for class (hair pulled back, leotard, tights, shoes, and skirt all on and shoe elastics tied and tucked in).

Please be mindful that the students are not just entering an exercise class, but are about to practice a performing art which requires a calm focus of body and mind. Please do not allow your students to play loudly or to climb on the furniture in the lobby as this does not prepare them properly for class, but also does not show proper respect to the studio environment. If you notice any unfriendly interactions between students, please try to resolve them before class begins so they do not carry over into the classroom.

When class ends please be ready in the lobby to receive your student since the teachers must immediately start the next class and cannot focus on the students who have just finished.

Please encourage your student to show you some of the things she/he has learned or has been working on in class. Not only does this give her/him a chance to practice the steps, but it is a lovely reminder of how fun it can be to perform ballet.

Attendance and Drop Off/Pick Up

Be On Time / Attendance

Attending on a regular basis and arriving on time are crucial for a successful experience. Please attend all your classes and be on time. If you come late, please wait until the music has stopped or there is a break before entering to minimize disturbance to the class. Proper warm up is required before joining the rest of the class.

Children & Belongings Should Not Be Left Unattended*

Child safety is of the highest importance. We ask that parents pick up their children promptly after class so they are not left unattended in the waiting area. All of the student’s belongings should be taken into the studio area with them during class. The waiting area is unattended and Rachel’s Ballet is not responsible for any losses while at the studio.

*At the discretion of Rachel’s Ballet and/or the class teacher, we may assess a fee for late pick-ups if it interferes with the next class or the teacher’s ability to lock up. The fee will be charged at a rate of $1.00 per minute, after a 5-minute grace period.

Absences / Make Up Classes

Absences: No credit or refund is given for illness, trips out of town, or other absences. Please see the “Make-Up Classes” below.

Make-up Classes: Students must email Rachel at least two days in advance of attending a make-up class. Students can make-up classes missed as available at both locations, but only for the SAME grade level or below. Students who are 9 years or older may attend a Contemporary or Lyrical class as a make-up class. Make-up classes may be taken BEFORE or AFTER an absence, but must be within the same school term as the absence. (For example, you cannot make-up a Summer Session absence during the Fall/Spring School Year. Summer make-up classes can be taken in either Summer Session 1 or Summer Session 2.)  It is the student/parent’s responsibility to schedule make-up classes for absences.

General Dress Code

Dress Code

Rachel’s Ballet has a required uniform for the classroom and for the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examination. Colors correlate with grade levels. Please purchase all uniform items at the beginning of the school year. Some items, such as Character Shoes and Character Skirts, must be custom ordered; you may order the items individually or coordinate an order with other parents in your child’s class to save on shipping costs. Our school will not be placing any orders for uniform items.

Good Hygiene

The student’s appearance in class must be neat and clean at all times. Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits.


Students need to come to class with their hair properly groomed. Hair should be tightly secured and styled away from the face. For females, the hair should be in a neat bun. See more info here: Hair Grooming for Females and Males


Dancewear is to be kept in good repair and laundered on a regular basis. Ballet sweaters and leg warmers are permitted for the warm up section of the class only (pending the season). Jackets, sweat pants/shirts and plastic pants/shorts may not be worn during any portion of the ballet class, as this makes it difficult to observe posture and teach correct body placement.


Jewelry is not to be worn during class unless it is mandatory for medical reasons. Small earring studs are fine at your own discretion, but no long earrings, bracelets or necklaces will be permitted. Jewelry worn this way can be a safety hazard to your child and the other children in the class.