2020 RAD USA Dance Challenge

2020 RAD USA Dance Challenge

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2020 Royal Academy of Dance Challenge (RDC)

Selected PPDC students competed original choreography at the RDC in Long Beach, CA January 18 & 19, 2020. We are very proud of all the students’ performance and grace at this RAD competition. This competition is unique in that only two awards are given in each level. Here are some of the awards received:

Level 1

  • “Forest Dream”– 2nd Place: Mika Nakari
  • “Habaneros  – 2nd Place: Eunice Lai, Mika Nakari, Maria Novak

Level 2

  • “Etoile”solo – 2nd Place:   Elisha Tan
  • Syncopated Six – 1st Place: Jordan Chen, Charlotte Cheung, Cassidy Johnston, Clarice Lai, Ashley Li, Elisha Tan.