Our classes begin with students as young as age three. Our caring and highly qualified instructors make learning fun! Our youngest preschool classes follow a monthly theme, where students master developmental movements such as balancing, hopping, jumping, rolling, creeping, and turning while participating in role play and creative dance. Use of props and storybooks aid students in developing their expression and creativity.

Our Grade 1-5 students follow a more structured ballet class, consisting of both barre and center work. Musicality and expression is developed through various character dances and choreography. Through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) curriculum, students begin to develop grace and expressiveness from the very beginning stages of ballet technique.

All our students, beginning with the youngest preschooler, have the opportunity to participate in yearly RAD examinations. Beginning this process at a young age helps students develop poise, confidence, respect and a sense of achievement. This helps build general skills for success – not only in dance and performance, but many other aspects of life.

Performances: All level students, from Preschool through Vocational, perform in the yearly Spring Showcase. The annual Nutcracker ballet features our students in the Primary through Vocational levels.

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Class Descriptions

RAD Levels*

  • Dance to Your Own Tune
    • Approx. ages 3-6 (1 day/week)
  • Pre-Primary & Primary
    • Approx. ages 5-8 (2 days/week)
  • RAD Grades 1 & 2
    • (2 days/week)
  • RAD Grades 3, 4 & 5
    • (3 days/week)

* Placement in levels is at the discretion of faculty, based on previous training and ability.