Awards2017 RAD Dance Challenge

In January 2017, several of our PPDC students traveled to Long Beach California to participate in the 2nd annual RAD Dance Challenge. There were two Dance Challenges held this year in the United States, one on each coast. The event was open to RAD trained dancers ballet grade 4 and up.

Original choreography solos and ensembles were split into 4 levels by grade. The first day consisted of master classes with outstanding faculty, and coaching on variations. Day two was a class and the competition, which was judged by the newly retired Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Dance, Lynn Wallis.

Rachel’s Ballet students who participated were:
Elisha Tan, Avantika Saxena, Jordan Chen, Chance Tom, Melody Song, and Edward Tang in level 1
Zoe Huang, Emma Walker, Claire Werner, Sarah Sun, Symantha Owsley, and Oriana Kou in level 2

Claire Werner won first place and Sarah Sun won second place in level two (only two awards given per level).

“Guaraldi for Six”, danced by all of our level two students and choreographed by Miss Leigh Ann, won the ensemble category for level two.

The students thouroughly enjoyed both the classes and the competition!