2015 RAD Dance Challenge

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The Royal Academy of Dance held its first ever Dance Challenge competition in the United states in the month of January- with programs in Boston and San Jose. The Dance Challenge is a junior event, and is a precursor to the prestigious Genee International Ballet Competition that is held annually. The Genee is held in one location per year, and is for students who have attained their Advanced 2 examination or Solo Seal examination with Distinction . The Dance Challenge is for RAD students studying grade 4 through Advanced 2. It is held in many locations around the world to give students with RAD teachers a chance to come together for master classes, coaching and a friendly competition with their peers. The Dance Challenge in San Jose,  January 16-17, 2016, was attended by 78 students from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana and Mexico. Thirteen  of the students participating were representing Rachel’s Ballet. Our students enjoyed the classes, and meeting other RAD students from other schools across the western US and Mexico. They made us very proud, all of them, both onstage and off.

The competition was comprised of four levels.  Awards given to our students were:
Edward Tang:  Level 1 Overall Winner   (choreography by Ms. Ashley Bishop)
Katerina Nierotka:  Level 2 Overall Winner   (choreography by Ms. Ashley Bishop)
Claire Wu:  Level 4 Overall Winner   (choreography by Ms. Leigh Ann Koelsch)
Claire Werner:  Overall Grand Prize Winner    (choreography by Ms. Leigh Ann Koelsch)Dancers who participated were:
Zoe Huang
Tiffany Lim
Sarah Sun
Edward Tang
Claire Werner
Amanda Lin
Katerina Nierotka
Oriana Kou
Patricia Pan
Miranda Tan
Claire Wu
Kelly Yang
Elena ZaugThese teachers were involved in the choreography and rehearsal of these dancers for the RAD Dance Challenge:
Leigh Ann Koelsch, Isabelle Sjahsam, Ashley Bishop, Bambi Fleeman, Sharon Kung, Jeanie Pors, Maria LaMance, Zoe Galle